Chopped Challenge: Bagel Bash with HONEYSEED Chattanooga

HoneySeed opened in December 2022 and they specialize in pizza and bagels. They are now wanting to branch out and add a food truck to their business model.They’ve reached out to YOU to bring your creativity and different smarts to help them come with a business plan, new menu items, and a food truck design. Our driving question: How can we, as entrepreneurs, create a food truck business model that meets the needs of everyone in our community? How can we get more kids to enjoy our bagels and spread as we plan to expand our business in order to meet the needs of EVERYONE in the community?

Course Outcome
We have our first-ever Chopped Junior Competition! Through our alliance with our neighboring business, Honeyseed, and a real-world problem in math class… we have planned a Bagel Bash. Students will take part in the design process to invent a new bagel and cream cheese flavor under specific conditions. The winning combo will then be sold at Honeyseed the week of May 15-19… part of the proceeds will support the culinary integration program, Cooking Up Learning, at Battle Academy! We could use some help donating any ingredients to make the creative process even more engaging! I can follow the steps in the design process to invent a new bagel and cream cheese flavor that meets specific goals, while giving me the opportunity to practice the 4 Cs (critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication) within a “Chopped Junior” Competition.

Cooking Up Learning partnered with a local Chattanooga restaurant, Honeyseed, to align the 4th grade math PBL with real-world skills & connections.

As seen on Channel 3, Channel 9, AND Channel 12 news!

Day 1: Students were introduced to the problem and steps in the design process. They planned their bagel and cream cheese flavors to meet specific criterium. Students understood the rules of the Chopped competition by watching one episode (first 15 min) of "Chopped Junior".
Day 2: Chef Erik from Honeyseed came to work with students to add-in their flavors into pre-mixed dough supplied by Honeyseed. They also were able to roll out their bagels into the classic shape to be cooked the next week. Students also practiced their people smarts by interviewing the chef on different aspects of the business.
Day 3: During their rotations in the culinary lab, students prepared their cream cheese flavor to compliment their bagel previous made.
Day 4: Students walked to Honeyseed to cook their bagel in the actual kitchen of the business. Students were able to get a larger-than-life experience from start to finish for their own creation.
Day 5: JUDGING DAY! Students gathered at Honeyseed to meet the 4 judges: Miss Tennessee, Mr. Hoff from Hoff and Pepper Hot Sauce, Mr. Ashford from Neutral Ground, and Ms. Kaleigh from KZ-106FM. Culinary Presenters in each group presented their creations to the judges in hopes of wining the big prize: getting their bagel sold the entire week at HONEYSEED (aka: bragging rights!)

First place: Strawberry Shortcake Bagel with Strawberry Marshmallow Cream Cheese

Second place: Avocado Deluxe Bagel

Huge thanks to each and every community partner involved to make this lesson truly remarkable. Without amazing community partners, such lessons wouldn't be possible.

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