Cooking Up LEarning onsite Community Partners

Through onsite community partnerships, students link the learning found in the classroom with real-world connections & skills that are key to being a professional in the culinary arts, agricultural or manufacturing fields.

Our Partners
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People love Cooking Up Learning!

9/10 students reported better learning outcomes and confidence in the classroom.
100% of educators see Cooking Up Learning increasing student engagement, content retention, and overall attitude toward school.

“Cooking Up Learning provides so much more than standards, lessons, and clear learning targets. The culinary experience provides a balanced learning experience in the content areas, STEAM activities, and SEL activities as well. Cooking up Learning is a wonderful, must have addition to any academic curriculum. The benefits of this program for teachers and students are a must have addition to any curriculum.”

Judi Hartman- Retired Literacy Specialist
Chattanooga, TN

“I started with their free courses but quickly became a customer once I saw how useful the lessons were.”

Andy Ramirez
Knoxville, TN

“I am officially a food instructor, and it’s all thanks to the great courses I took on Cooking Up Learning!"

Sam Youngishman
Nashville, TN

Community Partnership

Community partners are key!! They provide opportunities to make the learning connected and real. They help mentor, teach, and inspire different grade levels
(K-5) while making connections to the learning found in the classroom. With each partnership, children walk way with experiences that help them discover what they love.

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The Benefits of Onsite

"It takes a village to raise a child"
By bringing community partners into the schools, it opens the doors to new learning opportunities that go beyond the curriculum expect by the state.

Course Only

Course & Onsite Partnership

Teacher perspective and knowledge only
Experts provide new insight into the different careers and skills necessary to be successful
Increase in student engagement
Student engagement increases even more with a guest perspective and voice
Structured to meet state standards
Connected to state standards with additional career ready skills being practiced (similar to an in-house field trip)

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