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Showing students
food is the root to future learning.

Empowering students with the tools they need to learn through food.

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Who We Are

Cooking Up Learning is an integrative culinary arts program in Chattanooga, TN. It helps connect the community and students in authentic engagement by intersecting local culinary innovative leaders with area schools in order to provide each child with real-world experiences, careers, and opportunities beyond the four walls of a typical elementary school classroom.
Through the collaboration of local chefs and culinary masters from around the local Chattanooga community, students use the skills found in the culinary lab to comprehend deeper and connect across ALL content areas found in the classroom while working hands-on to link the learning to real-world skills. By using their senses, students have the opportunity to make connections through conversation with their peers, practicing their speaking and listening standards expected at an elementary school level.

Student Benefits

9/10 students reported better learning outcomes and confidence in the classroom.

Educator Benefits

100% of educators see Cooking Up Learning increasing student engagement, content retention, and overall attitude toward school.

What People Are Saying

"As an elementary school teacher, Cooking Up Learning has been a true asset to my students. It has allowed them to experience hands on learning while deepening their understanding in a fun and engaging way. Integrating the culinary arts into the curriculum has taught my students life skills that they can't get within the walls of a regular classroom. Thank you Cooking Up Learning for providing me with an avenue to get students excited about learning!"
Molly Smith- educator in Chattanooga, TN
"Cooking Up Learning is a phenomenal program. It helps students learn so much about our country's history, geography, and even math as students use recipes to cook. The involvement of articles, reading comprehension, journaling, high order thinking, conversation, etc. helped to teach students more about our country and how it has changed over the years. It is my opinion that every school system (both public and private) should have Cooking Up Learning within its walls. My kids benefitted so much from the lessons over the years."
Jennifer Ayers - parent and educator in Chattanooga, TN
“Cooking Up Learning goes past engaging students, it EMPOWERS them to put their learning into action, and to pair skills and habits along with the content so that their learning continues to help them grow.  Over and over, I’ve watched student experience real joy, real growth in self-efficacy, and deep understanding of learning, I can’t wait for more.”
Grant Knowles - HCDE Innovation Coordinator

About Tarah

As a Tennessee state certified educator for over ten years, I started Cooking Up Learning in response to my students in the classroom. It was my duty as an educator to teach and prepare my students for their future in the real-world as adults, while also providing a fully captivating experience that met their basic needs. Now, as the Culinary Integration Specialist at Battle Academy in Chattanooga, TN - I love working to find new learning experiences and community partners to elevate the learning for K-5 students.

Personally, my fondest memories and lessons growing up were in the kitchen. Even into adulthood, I can still be found in the kitchen trying new recipes and watching Food Network. Cooking Up Learning took my passion for cooking and teaching to the next level.

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Tarah Kemp

Founder & President

Community Partnership

Community partners are key!! They provide opportunities to make the learning connected and real. They help mentor, teach, and inspire different grade levels
(K-5) while making connections to the learning found in the classroom. With each partnership, children walk way with experiences that help them discover what they love.

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